Sleep Tips And Evidence-Based Sleep Information From A Family Nurse Practitioner

We are creatures of habit. Our bodies work best when we have predictable and regular schedules, especially around sleep. Consistent sleep schedules not only contribute to adequate rest but also positively impact a child’s behavior, cognitive function, and overall mood. A consistent sleep schedule starts with answering the question – What is an ideal bedtime […]

Healthy Sleep Habits, Sleep Training

November 10, 2023

What Is An Ideal Bedtime For My Child?

You want to take a vacation but then you may feel some dread around how this may affect your little one’s sleep. If so, you’re not alone. I’m sharing travel and sleep tips for infants and children today which will hopefully help you worry less and relax more on vacation! Vacations with kids can be wonderful […]

Healthy Sleep Habits

May 23, 2023

Travel: Sleep Tips For Infants and Children

Child packing suitcase; travel sleep tips for infants and children

One of the most common complaints I hear from parents is that their infant or toddler wakes up multiple times at night and requires assistance to get back to sleep. This is often exhausting for parents. The primary cause for this is having negative sleep associations. Today we’re going to discuss what sleep associations are […]

Healthy Sleep Habits, Sleep Training

March 14, 2023

What Are Sleep Associations?

Building a great bedtime routine is one important factor in setting up a child for success overnight and establishing healthy sleep habits. A bedtime routine signals to the child that it’s time to settle down and make the transition from being awake to falling asleep. In building a great bedtime routine, we also need to […]

Healthy Sleep Habits

February 21, 2023

How to Build a Great Bedtime Routine