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8 Sleep Training Myths Debunked

Sleep Tips And Evidence-Based Sleep Information From A Family Nurse Practitioner

“Wait, what do you do?” This is a common question I hear when I tell people about my work as a pediatric sleep consultant. The role of a pediatric sleep consultant is relatively new which is why so many families are unfamiliar with it. Many families are excited to hear there’s a professional out there […]

Sleep Training, The Science of Sleep

April 11, 2023

What Does A Sleep Consultant Do?

Hello and thanks so much for stopping by. I am excited to share with you today who I am and my passion for all things sleep. I will also explain the services I offer to help families and little ones get more restful sleep and develop healthy sleep habits.  Introduction I am Beth Lewis, a […]

Healthy Sleep Habits, Sleep Training

February 21, 2023

About Me and Sierra Nevada Sleep